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Subscribe below to get updates about my favorite gear, new articles and a whole lot more. The simplicity of Opinel Knives cannot be beaten. The No. The great thing about Opinel Knives is their simplicity, as I mentioned earlier.

Which make them more accessible and accepted by a vast majority of people.


With that said, I could see anyone carrying the Opinel No 6. I get a small kickback from your purchase s and it helps me to keep producing content just like this.

Opinel has not previously proof-read or influenced this article in any way. All opinions, statements, and content are my own. Read Time: 4 Min. Overall Length: 6. So it offers some variety in your kit. Which comes in especially handy during food prep. Anyone could justify that addition of weight, in my opinion.

Holds a great edge: Once you have the Opinel No 6 sharpened, it holds its edge for an admirable amount of time. The No 6 has an extremely sharp point: The tip of any knife should not be overlooked. A very sharp and fine point is invaluable for making precision cuts, opening packages and even as a makeshift but less effective awl. And for a pocket knife, which could be lost more easily than a fixed blade, that provides some peace of mind in the outdoors.

Who would love it? Share On Facebook Tweet It. My site uses Google Ads to help support my content finanically. All ads are generated by Google Adsense and not AnthonyAwaken. Search for:.Joseph Opinel designed his first pocket knife increating a tool that is as robust and functional as it is simple and beautiful.

From his workshop at the foot of the French Alps, Opinel forged a cult classic. Generations of artists, explorers, and farmers have carried the instantly recognizable, imminently useful Opinel knife in their pockets. Little has changed since Rooted in history and a commitment to craftsmanship, the Opinel family still makes their knives in the Savoie region of France. Each year, our team of employees in France manufactures 4. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

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How a Dead-Simple Pocket Knife Saved Me From Myself

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Buy on Amazon. There are certain objects whose design is so complete that they have an innate, immediate appeal to the mind; the Opinel is such an object. And even now, years down the road, after many permutations in personal taste, I still carry and use my first real knife, the Opinel No. The Opinel No.

Each knife in the main Opinel line is given a number that is the approximate length of the blade in centimeters: the No. My No. The No. The smaller Opinels nos. The length of the No. It is also wonderful for whittling. It has been said in a thousand different places, by myself and others, but simple blade shapes are the best, and the Opinel is a textbook example of this fact. This is a carbon steel model, made from XC90 steel. This a soft, durable carbon steel, and like all carbon steels can rust easily.

I will say, though, that when I pick up another Opinel, I will opt for a stainless steel model. And it will still sharpen up readily when the time comes. It offers decent traction without any sort of gimping or other modern considerations.

The handle is a sort of piscine shape, with a gentle curve instead of aggressive scalloping or finger grooves, and this, along with its round shape, make for an excellent knife in the hand.

$15 Opinel Folder VS $150 "Mystery" Knife - Which is Best for Survival / Bushcraft?

The spine of the blade is flat, allowing for a place to put your thumb for extra control, and the flat butt-end of the knife creates a good spot for your thumb in a reverse grip. There is no clip, of course. And you probably knew this the minute you saw the knife, but its round, hand-filling shape, although great from an ergonomics perspective, is less than stellar in the pocket; this knife will take up quite a bit of room if you want to EDC it.

The nail mark tells you that this will be a two-hand-opening knife. The good news is that the No. Unlike a slipjoint, it has no spring putting tension on the blade, and so it comes out without a struggle; indeed, I rarely use the nail mark, instead just preferring to pinch the blade and pull.

This is a proprietary Opinel feature, and is basically a ring around the pivot collar of the knife that, when the knife is either opened or closed, can be rotated around until it meets up against the tang of the blade and locks it either open or closed.

I like the Virobloc a lot. One interesting historical note: there is a traditional opening method for the Opinel, called the Coup de Savoyard. Not any faster than just opening it normally, but undoubtedly classier. It has one of the best blade shapes in the world, and a comfortable, attractive handle.

Opinel Knives

The two major issues I have with it-the choice of steel and the bulky carry-can be addressed by getting a stainless steel model in a smaller size. But even as it stands, years after I first picked it up, and after a hundred other knives have passed through my hands, I still come back to the No. If you are thinking of buying an Opinel knife, I please consider purchasing it at Amazon.

Please consider that buying anything through any of the links on this website helps support BladeReviews. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Ben Schwartz is a writer and gear geek. When not contributing to BladeReviews, he is the editor of KnifeNews. Here are his barely-maintained Twitter and blog.View all Opinel Knives. Founded by Joseph Opinel, the company is now run by his descendants, manufacturing fine quality knives and pocket tools for the kitchen, DIY, sports, gardening, and other outdoor activities.

This European brand is expanding as one of the most preferred choices for American aficionados. Opinel knives manufacture premium quality, popular, and rare knife designs to ensure you get the best deal. Opinel classic knives are always favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, trainers and survival experts. The brand is protected by its patented models, styles, and domain names, prohibiting any kind of modifications, except for the customization name printing facility provided by the brand.

The knives feature many impressive designs including Slim knivesBeechwood handles, raw handles, colored and decorated handles. Being famous for nearly years, Opinel knives still follow their original dedication, craftsmanship, and quality, standing the test of time. InJoseph Opinel developed a series of 12 knivesnumbered from 1 to These knives were designed to be in increasing order of blade sizes, Number 1 being the shortest and Number 12 is the longest.

Opinel Number 1 was discontinued in for being too small with just 2 cm long blade. Later Number 11 was discontinued infor its size conflict as being same as Number 10 or Number This collection is suitable for people with different requirements and different hand sizes, became popular, with high demands from retailers.

Opinel knives range is a collection of knives designed for kitchen work, outdoor adventures, gardening, and other everyday purposes. Their varied knife designs, high-quality blades and their dedication to perfection is what they offer through all these years. The brand offers many types of knives and tools to assist the users in more than just one way, easing out their everyday chores with the sharp, tough blades. Opinel Fixed Blade Knives : Accomplish a variety of tasks with rust-resistant stainless-steel fixed blade knives.

With different types of handles from walnut to beechwood, these knives allow an easy hold to perform the toughest tasks during fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor adventures. Opinel Folding Pocket Knives : Opinel folding knives series is a collection of everyday carry pocket tools including fillet, pruning, corkscrew, folding saw and many other knives. Most of these pocket knives feature a safety ring that locks the blade and wooden handles.Having an account with us will allow you to check out faster in the future, store multiple addresses, view and track your orders in your account, and more.

Created in in Savoie, France, Opinel folding knives are the favorite of every French household and one of the most recognizable pocket knives in the world. Thank you for visiting our online store.

Your support keeps us operational during our "Shelter in Place" mandate. ALL online orders will ship on Wednesday weekly. Login Log in if you have an account. Register Having an account with us will allow you to check out faster in the future, store multiple addresses, view and track your orders in your account, and more. Create an account. Forgot your password? Home By Brand Opinel. Murphy Co.

All brands. Sort by:. Pack of 2 Opinel paring knives. Carbon steel 3. Overall length 7. Add to cart. Opinel 15 Slim folding knife. Mirror polished 12c27 stainless steel blade. Bubinga wood handle. Opinel slim knives have a narrow flexible blade, suited for fine tasks like filleting fish or slicing food thinly. Natural whetstone from the Lombardy region of Italy. Should be used with water. Can be used by hand on axe blades and outdoor knives. Medium-ish grit. Opinel 8 'Black oak' folding knife.

Black stainless steel blade and ring lock. Oak wood handle. Closed length mm, open length mm, cutting edge 82mm, 45 grams. Opinel 'Bon Appetit' series table knife with tangerine painted hornbeam wood handles. Simple, elegant stainless blades from Opinel. These can easily double as steak or paring knives. Opinel 8 with unfinished handle, to make your own handle creations! Beech wood handle.

Opinel spreader. Round tip stainless blade with beech wood handle.Handy to give your Opinel a long lasting life. Looking for a new set of kitchen knives, but aren't sure what knife you'd like? Check out our kitchen knife guide to learn more about our selection. Over the years we have been asked s of questions about our knives.

Go ahead take a look! Give your employees, customers or business partners a memorable and useful gift. Each one of our knives can be individually personalized.

March 27, 2 min read. March 27, 3 min read. May 23, 15 min read. Polymer Handle Knives No. Chef's Knives NEW! Kitchen Accessories Aprons and Towels. Find the perfect Opinel knife for your home, garden or next adventure.

Forage your next meal.

Opinel No. 8 Review

Blog posts. March marks the arrival of spring. Nature comes back to life, the flowers start to bloom and spring cleaning begins. We get out our gardening tools and the garden starts to blossom. Here are a few springtime tips from Opinel. Cainnon Gregg of the Pelican Oyster Company in Tallahassee, Florida, is part of a flush of aquaculturists who are revitalizing oyster cultivationThe first knife I ever lusted after was a monstrosity. Jet black with a faux-tactical aesthetic, it stared at me from under the glass at the Camp Tuscarora Trading Post in upstate New York.

Like all good scouts, we already had Totin' Chips and little red Swiss Army blades, more than enough for turning sticks into makeshift spears—the only thing any of us could reliably carve.

These tools were certainly better than that cheap folder under the glass, probably a knockoff made of mystery metal. But that knife was big.


It was angular. If you loosened up the screws, the rumors went, you could open it with a flick of the wrist. It was impractical and awesome. I never got it. I hadn't thought about that knife until last year, when the course of normal Popular Mechanics business took me to far-flung corners of the internet I had never seen before, deep into Very Cool Knife country.

I was gawking like a year-old Boy Scout again. But adult Eric has disposable income, a mailing address, and Amazon dot com. The floodgates opened. One knife became two, became four, became more. I had to find some way to put a stop to it. Little did I know the solution would be the simplest, cheapest knife I've ever bought. Let me be clear: I do not confuse myself, a soft-handed city-slicker wordsmith, with hardened handymen who hack through wood and plastic and wire on the regular.

I am a knife geek, and we, more often than not, are lovers of design and materials, engineering and ergonomics, and form over function. And boy is there plenty to geek out about in the world of folding pocket knives.

Do I want a one-inch blade? Let's talk pros and cons. Should it end in a spear point? Sheep's foot? None of the above? There are full-auto button-press blades that are lightning-fast and illegal in 15 states. There are flipper blades with a lever to flick and a blade that swings out on bearings. There are knives with thumbstuds, knives with thumbholes, knives that open by catching on your pocket when you pull them out.

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