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Custom wood return air grille

Wood Return Air Grilles offer the same all wood aesthetic upgrade, but are for those applications where the filter is not located behind the grille. Constructed of select grade materials and assembled to precise specifications, WoodAirGrille Return Air Grilles are ready to finish with your favorite paint or stain. Each louver is mechanically reinforced in its own mortise for extra long life and rattle free performance.

Unlike the filter grilles, these panel only grilles have no outer frame, hinges or filter housing. Three distinct profiles are available to compliment your home's trim. The standard square edge provides a crisp, clean look or can serve as a blank slate to be trimmed out on site. The half round style offers a softer look and features a half round bead applique around the grille and a quarter round eased edge around the frame.

The ogee edge style gives the grille a more intricate appearance with a frame profile and applique reminiscent of a quality crown molding. Ordering is easy. Simply click here and find the grille that matches your intake size.

Remember that orientation is important and our grilles are stated width first, then height. Follow Us.We also accept wood or stone from our customers for a seamless match. Cast Aluminum Vent Covers. Filter Grilles. Laser Cut Wood Vent Covers. Aluminum Overlay Panels.

Custom Metal Registers & Returns

Custom Metal Vent Covers. Custom Brass Registers. Custom Metal Ceiling Panels. Custom Metal: Amelie. Custom Metal: Antique Flower. Custom Metal: Antiquity. Custom Metal: Barcelona.

Custom Metal: Becker. Custom Metal: Beethoven. Custom Metal: Belfast. Custom Metal: Bella. Custom Metal: Cell. Custom Metal: Celtic Cross. Custom Metal: Circle. Custom Metal: Clover. Custom Metal: Colette. Custom Metal: Craftsman. Custom Metal: Cusick. Custom Metal: Diamond. Custom Metal: Diamond Flower. Custom Metal: Dorothea. Custom Metal: Egyptian. Custom Metal: Ellas. Custom Metal: Elysian. Custom Metal: Emiques. Custom Metal: Erebia.

Custom Metal: French Curl. Custom Metal: French Parlor. Custom Metal: Genesis.When details matter. Replace your cheap, stamped-metal return air grilles with our beautiful, superior-quality return air grilles that are made of premium wood and retrofit into any standard return-air opening without modifications.

Backed by our 5-year warranty. Installs in minutes with only a screwdriver. No re-sizing of the wall vent opening. Simply remove your existing grille and frame, insert our frame, attach with screws, insert filter and attach grille with its patented locking system. Filter changing is even easier.

Our patented design securely locks the grille into the wall without visible screws, latches, or moving parts that require maintenance and can easily fail over time. With its ingenious design, our grille cannot be accidentally bumped or pulled out by a pet or small child. But to open and change the filter, simply lift up and out. Using computer-aid design, our sleek louvers are positioned at the optimum angle and spacing to ensure maximum airflow and minimal noise.

And each piece is made with the highest quality tongue-and-grove technique, then nailed and glued to endure the strongest, most long-lasting construction. Our smart design not only looks great but also stays cleaner longer, and when needed, is easier to clean. Compared to a traditional stamped metal grille, there are less edges,corners and crevices for dust to collect.

When cleaning is necessary, no need to grab the Q-tips. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth since your fingers easily fits between the louvers. Facebook Twitter Instagram. When Details Matter. Premium AC Return Grilles. See Available Sizes. Shop All. When Details Matter Turn an eye sore into a decorative detail. Paintable Design Series. Stainable Architectural Series.Pattern Cut began cutting custom wood grilles in when we recognized a need for a product that could not be found.

Aesthetically pleasing air filter grilles! Choose from 26 patterns below. Custom patterns and designs are also available. Standard metal air conditioning grilles detract style from your home.

Our wood grilles add to the beauty of your home and can be cut to any size and any shape that you need.

We also offer air louvers to adjust the flow of air from the grille. Decorate air conditioning ducts and return air filters. Pattern Cut features wood patterns that fit every type of household. Our team offers you custom patterns that match a specific need, anything from simple patterns that resembles your old metal grilles, a square grid pattern that inspires an art-deco aesthetic or an intricate, frilly pattern that adds a touch of old-world charm to your house.

All wood vent grilles come pre-sanded so you can paint or finish them to any color you like. We ship the grilles to you sanded, ready to paint or stain. If you are going to paint your grilles, the maple veneer is the best choice.

Screws are included.

custom wood return air grille

Grille borders can be any width. The grilles can be cut with or without screw holes. The standard size grilles shown below have 1" borders with screw holes. Measure the Wall Opening Width" x Height" 2. Match the wall opening size to the correct part number on the Wood Vent Grille pricing page. Match the wall opening size to the correct part number on the Air Damper Louver pricing page.

Designers, decorators, and homeowners appreciate the luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms.Please take a look at our new website! Click here to go there now! We will specify Air Return as opposed to Supply Vents when you place your order. The Grate Style is also called eggcrate or boat decking with the square or rectangular design. We have standard grid sizes or we can make them most any way.

White Birch is the best, as it is Strong, is resistant to humidity and temperature changes and has tight pores so it is among the easiest to paint. You can choose either Self Rimming or Flush Mount versions. We have even made wood vents flush to Plaster walls. We can even make Filter Grilles Flush with your surrounding drywall so everything becomes part of the wall. Yes, you can access your filter. Ask about our Frame work for Filter Grilles.

In other words, we can usually design your air return or supply vent to accommodate most air system requirements and aesthetics. Ask about other ways to attach without seeing screw holes. Louvered wall or ceiling are considered unless you specify with Louvers parallel with the longest sides.

Wood Grilles Laser Cut Patterns

Industry standard is to describe the dimension with which the Louvers are parallel first. So if you have a 12? If you want the Louvers parallel with the short side you can specify slanted in 1 or 2 ways specify as 6 x But either way, when you call, we will go over all the various aspects to making these perform or have the visual impact you want. Give us a call if you need something Flush to your Drywall, woodwork, molding, or other situations or designs.

You can specify the standard 1? Filter Brackets for up to 20 x 30? If you have a Filter behind your grille and want to open the grille sort of like a cabinet door add a Frame, hinge and Clasp Assembly is We have several grid sizes we have entered into the computer or we can design them for your specifications. With 1? See below for smaller grid sizes. Architects, Builders and Heating Companies like a smaller grid size for residential or smaller commercial systems as it looks better with many more and smaller little squares and also provides great air flow as well.

We have used this style for many a multi million dollar home. This is not designed for air flow but it is great for high heal shoes, ballet floors, or for a hide away place for a safe, plumbing access or whatever. Filter Grilles : Add If you have a Filter and want to open sort of like a cabinet door we add a Frame, hinge and Clasp Assembly is Phone or Just email us with your measurements for a quote.

We have made these very large and for load bearing capacities.Decorative Screen Panels Custom architectural accents for your home. Custom Vent Covers Huge selection of patterns and sizes. Imagine the Possibilities We can make your dream a reality. Laser Cut Wood Registers Top quality at affordable prices. More than Registers Visit our portfolio page for samples. Made in the USA Quality you can trust.

Air Returns

Cast Aluminum Vent Covers. Filter Grilles. Laser Cut Wood Vent Covers. Adorn a rather simple and ordinary spot in your home with something spectacular. Dull and unseen, most vent covers often sacrifice style and design in favor of functionality. Utilized to restrict or re-direct airflow throughout your home, air vents often go unnoticed, making them missed opportunities for homeowners to add charm and decorative appeal to any room.

Matching vent grilles to your specific style has never been easier; use our selection of vents to accent any them. Visit Our Products Page! Our state-of-the-art facility manufactures antique registers, decorative registers, heat vent covers and other architectural products that are of superior quality at the most competitive and affordable price.

Made right here in the USA. Contact Pacific Register Now!

All American Wood Register

Pacific Register Co. We provide one-on-one customer service and quick delivery of our decorative register and vent covers. Filter Grilles Filter Grilles. Made in the USA. Visit Our Portfolio Page! Let our Experts get you started.Designers, decorators, and homeowners appreciate the luxurious and relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms. Place custom orders! Highest quality design elements, workmanship, and principles are at Pattern Cut.

Highly recommend custom orders to fulfill ideas! Pattern Cut assisted us with the most elegant laser cut capital decorations, ornaments, and medallions for our vision. Add some character to your home simply by changing your return air filter grille for your air-conditioning system. The metal grilles that are standard in so many homes are hardly pretty to look at, and they are susceptible to damage and warping over time.

custom wood return air grille

Pattern Cut's return air filter grilles are custom fit to the opening in your wall or ceiling. They will be delivered ready for staining and installing. Choose any of 26 designs in oak, maple, or cherry veneer and we'll even throw in a washable air filter with your grille or you can use your own!

Follow our simple steps below to install your new wood grille, and add some style to your air-conditioning system! All return air filter grilles are custom made to fit your existing wall or ceiling opening.

Very nice finish very professional work congratulations and follow the success.

custom wood return air grille

Top notch workmanship on custom order. Fast shipping. Highly recommend!

Making furnace vent register covers

Pattern Cut's architectural ceiling and wall decorations are classic and beautiful! Classic ambience with custom laser cut wood panels and decor. Beautifully blended contemporary with classic design elements. Step 1: Replace your unsightly metal filter grilles. Get our custom built wood filter grille assembly. Step 2: Remove your metal filter grille.

Measure the wall opening. Step 3: We cut and build a wood filter grille assembly to fit your wall opening. Step 4: Paint or stain and install the filter frame into the wall opening.

Step 6: Install the filter. Step 7: Attach the grille cover with the included brass thumb screws.

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