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Convert msu to msi

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MSP can be applied to. StevenPRO 6 years ago. Use a online converter for it, easy and free. This content is currently hidden from public view. It can conatin complete files that you can extract, but it may also contain only binary updates to a file. As far as I know, you can not convert an msp to msi. But why do you want to? An msp is usually worthless without the msi it was made for, it is not a stand-alone installation, only a patch.

If you could describe your situation, maybe someone here can describe a different approach to your problem. Ok this is the situacion that I am having right now. What I want to do is to merge the msp to the msi so I can send by GP to all my systems. Why not take the approach that revizor gave you?

In that way you will have an msi containing the msp content. Then distribute the new msi patched administrative installation through Active Directory. Yes, but i am trying to merge the msp to the msi so I can have it on the Active Directory for when AD detect a old version of the antivirus it install the new version automaticallythat way i dotn have to send a packge everytime a new version pop. Yes Angel right now i am trying to do the approach that revizor gave me.

But for some reason i am geting a error msg when i try to install the new msi after the merge with the command that revizor gave me. Error error ocurred while attemping to read from file. What file does it state that it cannot read? When I do that comand it pop me a symantec window for do a server image and ask where I want it. I select the path where I want it, then i go to the place where I select and try to run the msi from there and is when I get the error that say Error What i can tell you is when I run the command that revizor gave it open a symantec window for do a server image and ask where I want it.The following article uses options that are available starting with the Enterprise edition and project type.

This tutorial will guide you in creating an. MSI installation package which installs existing. EXE packages. A common usage scenario is when you have a package to be deployed through GPO but also need to include some silent.

EXE packages as part of one.

convert msu to msi

MSI installation. For this tutorial we'll convert the 7-zip File Manager into a. Please keep in mind the following steps are for illustration purposes only, thus you can convert as many. EXE packages as you need into a single. MSI installer. If Advanced Installer is not currently running, launch it by double-clicking its desktop icon or selecting it from the "Start" menu.

MSI, Feet, and Sheets

The Wizard will be launched assisting you to include and configure the. EXE packages into the main. In this dialog you can specify project location and output folder. By default the package name will be the same as the project name but you can change this later:. In this dialog you can choose the location of the.

We will use the [ Add From Disk EXE installer. The Configure Package dialog will pop up allowing you to change its install time configuration:. Each of the. EXE packages included this way will be added as post-install prerequisites. This dialog allows you configure general installation package options. For this example you can leave the default:. Choose to build the project or press [ Finish ] to continue configuring it. Table of Contents. Enter details about your product 3.

Set project and package paths 4. EXE packages 4. EXE package 5. Set Package Options 6. Build project. Enter details about your product Configure the product details for your.

Set project and package paths In this dialog you can specify project location and output folder.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Up to now, I can make a zip file with user selected executable files and related support files etc. Learn more. Asked 8 years, 9 months ago.

Active 8 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Show "No destination file has been defined. Length - 1]. Append "You may rename it in the save to text box. Show sb. Show "Rename the file or select a new location. Exists textBox1. CreateDirectory textBox1. Show "Could not copy files to temp folder. Create textBox1.

GetFileName file ; entry. Now; s. Read buffer, 0, buffer. Length ; s. Finish ; s. Delete textBox1. Clear ; textBox1. Show ex. Please help me, if anybody have an idea to solve this.

Thanks in Advance. Daniel Hilgarth k 35 35 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Maybe you want self-extracting zip file?I find these commands quite helpful — maybe you know them already — if not, here you go:. That first command you listed for hotfix installing — is there a way to just extract from the. Do you have any ideas? I tried the expan -f command on the.

How to Deploy Multiple Microsoft Hotfixes .msu File in SCCM

With that swith the Update. Here is a complete list of command-line swithes for Update. Don't get confused by the name — this site is not a wiki, but my personal blog on which I post about projects I am working on or I have finished, about Windows-related stuff and other things I fiddle around with.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, feel free to contact me at admin windowswiki. Jump to comment form comments rss [? About Don't get confused by the name — this site is not a wiki, but my personal blog on which I post about projects I am working on or I have finished, about Windows-related stuff and other things I fiddle around with.

Visit the old blog! Raspberry Pi Unboxing. The Development of IA Windows.

convert msu to msi

Windows 8 Metro Color Wallpaper Generator. Windows 8 Metro Color Wallpaper Pack. Microsoft Codenames List. A little story about feature build labs. Metro Icon Pack — Windows Phone 7 icons. A couple of Microsoft terms and acronyms explained. You want to create a custom OS? A few batch files for creating Windows 7 setup images. NET build numbers explained.File Measurement Timezone. Conversion Ai.

Windows Installer Package. MSI The. MSI file format is used by modern versions of Microsoft's Windows Operating system for installing applications. MSI files contain information on the files to be installed and their destination, and often contain the actual install files themselves. These installers are used by many 3rd party applications, as well as official plug-ins and Windows updates. Many modern archive tools are capable of extracting the contents of.

MSI formatted files. More recent versions of Windows have seen Microsoft prefer the use of. MSU files for Windows Updates. Windows Update Package. MSU The. MSU file format is used by modern versions of Microsoft's Windows Operating system for installing official windows updates.

convert msu to msi

MSU files contain information on the updates files to be installed, their destination, and the actual updates within a. Ad-Aware Definitions File. BP3 Buffer File. CHK Clicker Keyboard.

Graphic Layout File. DR Dock X Skin. EBN Email Message. GP4 Growl Temp File. ITT Dementia. KO Keynote Theme.It identifies your specific computer to provide you with the most accurate drivers available. HHK project file can be recreated perfectly! Embed all images into Word document and no external files are required. This incredible application allows you to generate a standard.

This app provides three different methods of conversion: Repackaging, Unattended installation, and GUI scripting. MSI format software installers faster, easier and hassle-free. MSI Generator keeps included and excluded resources side by side — so you do not have to re-do a setup capture to include back some file.

MSI is a platform created by Microsoft. The need came about because there was no other way to easily create an installation program without either using the included Visual Studio tools or buying something like Installshield.

Then came along MSI as the way to install software. It was new and different so I set forth along the path of creating installers for my own software. The program shows the process like a wizard tutorial, and guides the user window by window through the conversion task.

Silent Install Builder lets you automate the process of installing various applications. This comes very handy specially for IT people whose task is maintaining and administering a group of computers in a given enterprise or school.

It is also a valuable tool if you want to create a distribution package containing several software products. CIB pdf brewer helps generate professional PDF documents from within all Windows applications, using features such as font embedding, document protection and image compression. Plus the converted document can be e-mailed directly. Using encryption, you can control what possibilities the reader has when using your document.

Then you can install Microsoft O. It can convert Windows html help. Main features: - Intelligently extract content from each topic. Contact Converter is a professional utility to convert Windows contact files to other contact format. The program is intended to convert.

Contact converter is multipurpose utility to convert.A file with the. It's used by some versions of Windows when installing updates from Windows Updateas well as by other installer tools.

An MSI file holds all the information necessary for installing the software, including the files that should be installed and where on the computer those files should be installed to. However, the name has since changed to Windows Installer, so the file format is now the Windows Installer Package file format.

It doesn't need to be installed to your computer or downloaded from anywhere because it's built-in to Windows. Just opening the MSI file should invoke Windows Installer so you can install the files that are contained within it. MSI files are packed in an archive-like format, so you can actually extract the contents with a file unzip utility like 7-Zip.

How to Convert EXE to MSI?

If you have that or a similar program installed most of them work similarlyyou can right-click the MSI file and choose to open or extract the file to see all the files that are stored inside. Using a file unzip tool is also useful if you want to browse the MSI files on a Mac. Since the MSI format is used by Windows, you can't just double-click it on a Mac and expect it to open.

Use a file unzip tool like we described above so that the files can exist in a regular folder structure. There aren't any other options. Also, see the tutorial at CodeProject. Use Orca in a standalone format without the whole SDK. Technipages has a copy you can download. Tweet Share Email. More from Lifewire.

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