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Audi a3 no power when accelerating

The engine stalled while I was driving my car. The power of steering wheel and brake was lost while the car was still moving forward. Luckily, I did not hit any thing. One day I was at the highway, and all of a sudden the car displays a message in the cluster stating that I was driving at low rev high speed Suddenly I lost power, not acceleration, and had to pull over. Then, heat built up, steam came out, almost as if the car was dying.

I was so scared, got late to work, then put the car to rest for a while. Got it to the dealer, they told me that the car didn't record anything They told me that even though I had that, the car was fine. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Ask your Audi dealer. Most Common Solutions: not sure 1 reports replace gas level sensor 1 reports Get free help with your lemon!

Find something helpful? Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Helpful websites No one has added a helpful site for this A3 problem yet. Be the first! Find a good Audi mechanic Read reviews of repair shops in your area. Enter your zip code: A free service from CarTalk. Send Comment Add Complaint. Search CarComplaints.User Name Remember Me? Random loss of power, not limp mode?

Ok so I've been driving my newly acquired jetta TDI. Occasionally when going up a long hill and I get into the throttle for any amount of time usually has to be 5 seconds straight or morethe car will suddenly lose power.

However, after consulting with a good friend who is a VW fanatic, he's telling me this isn't really "limp mode". It is a sudden loss of power, quite substantial. To the point where it wouldn't even accelerate in 3rd gear going up the hill. Usually I crest the hill and continue to cruise and the next time I really need to get on the throttle again, power is restored.

I am going to try and hook up my scanner sorry, not VAGCOM unfortunately and see if I can capture a pending code or something when it's happening. I can pretty much do it on demand if the hill is big enough and all that's needed is a heavy right foot.

Everything I try searching is either actual limp mode cases, or a few cases that were similar, but power didn't come back and they found a loose intercooler tube etc Car only has k miles on it currently. I'm having about the same problem with my 04 Passat.

I see under the "How to" thread that it could be the anti-shudder valve sticking which is located by the egr valve and both are prone to clogging up. Hope that helps. Good to know Jon. I'm sure the car has never had the EGR valve cleaned.

I have the EGR delete kit sitting in the back seat, I hope to do that and the intake manifold cleaning very soon, so I will add that to my list of stuff to check.

Let me know if you end up finding out anything else of if the anti-shudder valve is the culprit! TDI s : Jetta and Jetta. When I've had true limp mode occur, its never thrown the CEL either. Sometimes there are codes that don't trigger the CEL, but I have not had any codes present after a "limp mode" event.

audi a3 no power when accelerating

Others have had different results with that issue, as the causes can be one or more of several. Although I've never known of the anti-shudder valve causing a real limp mode.I have got in my car this morning, which is an Audi A3 02 plate 1. The car has suddenly lost all acceleration boost. It is driving OK apart from this. No whistling noises, black smoke or problems when idling. I have heard that the fault may be with my MAF mass air flow meter.

I have not come across this before. I am wondering firstly, do you think this sounds like a correct diagnosis? Would you have say a used part would be OK? Or always buy new with this part? This morning I get in and its starts fine after being jumpedengine sounds fine etc. I joined onto the motorway on my normal journey to work. Put my foot down to nip into the next lane and my car basically did nothing! I pretty much had my foot to the floor and it was crawling up the speedometer.

No engine lights have come on recently. The only occurring problem I have had the last few weeks, is a faulty battery which needs replacing. So most mornings I need to jump start it! Not a problem just not got round to getting a new one yet. However I am unsure this could be linked to this new issue. If it gets clogged the engine wont perform until it clears. DPF holds the soot from the engine and regenerates through heat so sometimes you need to drive at high revs for long periods of time.

audi a3 no power when accelerating

If you dont do this the car needs to go in to a garage for them to do it It MIGHT be the battery but take it to a garage and get them to hook it up to a diagnostic scanner to see if there are any stored faults.Hi, my car looses power while driving, then shuts down, accelarator padal goes dead. EPC is also on. Cody answered 4 years ago. Lebowa answered 4 years ago. I would try replacing it. GuruD9ZHM answered 2 years ago. Mine did the same thing.

I replaced the brakelight sencor on the upper part of the brake pedal it cost 24 dollars. It fixed the problem. The sensor is sending false information. Replace this 25 doller part. It will fix it. GuruJGDH answered about a year ago.

I took it to Audit Hatfield the technician doesn't sound like he understood, he just sad the whole wiring should be replaced, which doesn't make sense to me Please help?

Just changed my mechanical fuel pump and my car goes flat when it reaches speed of 70 to 80 miles. Am due for oil change what u thing might causes it to do this? Few days ago my audi A4 1. Good day, I hope somebody can help me. I recently took my car audi a4 1. Everything is brand new. From globe plugs right through to aircon pump. Anyway 3 wee Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Car looses power while driving. Report Follow. Mark helpful. Your Answer:. Upload Photo Photo optional. Related Questions. Start a new Audi A4 question. Search Audi A4 Questions. Audi A4 Experts. Find great deals from top-rated dealers TM Search. Related Models For Sale. Used Cars for Sale.A very common problem is when a vehicle jerks when accelerating.

If your Audi A3 is jerking when you press the gas, there are a few common issues that can cause this to happen. These include misfiring, fuel delivery issues, the catalytic converter, and more.

It mixes air and fuel together and needs a strong ignition of the two to run properly. If any of these three variables are off, you will not have optimal combustion. If your check engine light is on, the first thing that you should do is scan the computer system and see if there are any OBDII diagnostic trouble codes.

You can pick up a scanner pretty cheap. Or, most major parts stores will provide this service to you free of charge. Here are the most common issues that cause your A3 to jerk when accelerating :. An engine misfire can be caused by a few things.

A misfire is the most common reason that your Audi A3 would be jerking while accelerating. While ignition system is the most likely reason that a vehicle will jerk when accelerating, it is not the only one. All of your exhaust has to pass through the catalytic converter to get to the tailpipe. It is possible for the converter to clog. When it is clogged, your A3 will struggle and jerk when accelerating.

This happens when the catalytic converter is almost completely full, and the engine is choking on its exhaust. Your A3 needs fuel to run obviously. If one of your fuel injectors is clogged, or not firing properly, it can cause a jerking sensation.

Outside of bad fuel injectors, a bad fuel pump or fuel filter can also cause a jerk while accelerating. When either of these go bad, there is not enough fuel pressure at the fuel rails. You should check to see if the air intake it blocked with something foreign. Or, if you have a very dirty air filter. Not enough air will throw off the air fuel ratio and make the A3 jerk as well.

If one of them breaks, it can lead to jerking when braking, accelerating, or putting the vehicle in gear. Good luck figuring out what is causing your Audi A3 to jerk while accelerating.

audi a3 no power when accelerating

So, make sure you get the trouble codes and take it from there. If there is anything you would like to add, or if you have a question, leave a comment below. Have a great day. Misfire An engine misfire can be caused by a few things.

Spark Plugs are one of the most common reasons a vehicle will jerk when accelerating Here are some common misfire causes. Spark Plugs — Even under the best conditions, spark plugs will eventually need to be replaced.

Oil on the plugsthe wrong plug, or bad spark plugs can cause a misfire.No power on acceleration--high revs. I had a lack of power problem with my TDI Jetta. It turned out to be the intake plugged with carbon. I had it off, cleaned it out and the head using a large drinking straw duct taped onto the end of a shop vac to suck up the carbon out the head.

After it ran like a rocket for a few days and now its worse than before but different. It idles nice and no smoke. You can hear the turbo whine between 2 - rpm. However, acceleration stinks and it won't rev past rpm driving on flat ground, depending on which gear.

You can hold the pedal to the floor, after rpm it just bags out and won't even rev past the afore said amount. If you are in neutral stopped and try to rev to redline rpm you won't be able to. I have changed the fuel filter and also had it into a shop where they bypassed exhast before the cat and this did not improve much at all. So neither exaust or fuel filter are the problem. I've checked vacuum hoses etc.

Reasons why my Audi A3 has lost acceleration power. No enigine or warning lights!?

I don't have the equipment to read engine codes from computer. The check engine light is not on nor has been. I don't want to have to pay for large diagnostic bill so any ideas would be appreciated. To me it seems like it is simply not getting enough fuel, however could be wrong. Thanks in advance. Find More Posts by alphaseinor. Pulled Plug on MAF. Pulled plug on MAF, in second gear on flat road made it to rpm and no more.

Maybe marginally better with MAF pulled--although that is debatable. TDI s : Passat silver sold after 11 yearsJetta atlantic blue. If it were my car, I'd swap it out. At cold with MAF unplugged reaches max rpm in second gear and reaches max rpm in neutral. With MAF plugged in reaches max rpm in neutral. Now with car warmed up slightly will reach rpm in second gear whether MAF is plugged in or not--does not make any difference. Previous reading of rpm in second gear was with the car fully warmed up after 45min drive.

So it is obviously slightly better as the veichle warms up. Thanks for your comments. Fully warmed up engine will rev to rpm max, in neutral regardless of whether MAF is plugged in or not. Error Messages. I took the car into the dealer today and had them hook up the computer--and they didn't charge me, very nice of them seeing it was their idea not to and not mine!

You've got a MAF problem, and possibly another electrical issue with respect to the needle lift sensor. I'd start by cleaning the connections. Unplug the MAF and clean out the plug with Dexoit or somesuch. Check the needle lift sensor connection - clean it as well. Problem FixedSeptember 7, — Audi is recalling more than 8, A3 cars after reports the engines can stall. The Audi A3 Cabriolet and sedan engines can experience a knocking condition because of incorrect engine control unit software that can misread the flywheel rotation when starting the engines.

This will cause the system to adjust the air and fuel mixture and lead to engine stall. The automaker started receiving complaints in April and May about new A3 cars losing power, and those complaints greatly increased once the weather got hot. During engine start-up or low RPM, the system misinterprets things and causes a "knocking" condition which can cause the car to lose power when beginning to move from a stop or from a slow roll to acceleration.

Audi says the car can quickly be restarted and although a stalling condition is dangerous, no crashes or injuries have been attributed to the software. A driver will see a red "Engine Stop While Driving" light if the problem occurs.

A3 TDI - no power!

The Audi A3 recall will begin September 29, Dealerships will reprogram the engine control unit software to keep the cars from stalling. Audi can be contacted atand to learn more about the recall, ask about recall number 24DF. Audi recalls 8, A3 cars that can lose power when moving from a stop or a slow roll.

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